About Us

Founded in 2020 and operating in two countries, Ghana and the USA,
KasaBazaar Group of companies is an emerging company that provides premium services in the Building and Logistics Industry ie Construction, Real Estate ,Property Management and Door to Door delivery of goods from the USA to Ghana and vice versa.
KasaBazaar is a corporation that is owned and operated by its shareholders.

Our Services

KasaBazaar currently offers three(3) main services with the aim to build your vision and make life as easy and convenient as possible.

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Real Estate

KasaBazaar is a fast growing company in the Real Estate Industry in Ghana and Abroad.
We are driven by our quest to become a leader in building generational wealth through property acquisition.

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Property Management

Our team of experts in this field help home owners in their business transactions of renting and leasing out their properties in a stress free environment.

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We provide delivery services in Ghana and the USA with the aim of growing a network of thriving business relationships between the two countries whilst aiding in making life comfortable on both sides.


We at KasaBazaar Group of companies aspire to become a leading provider in Building and Logistics industry with excellence and integrity.


To progressively expand and become accessible to clients locally and internationally as we provide excellent services to our clients and become a sustainable Business.